Gaining Wisdom from Nature's Ultimate Diamonds

white lions Sep 13, 2021

Hello dear friends,

I am so grateful that I did not visit Africa until I was in my fifties. I don’t think I would have been strong enough and grounded enough for Africa before then.

All I can say of Africa is that to me it is naked God—the beginning always exploding softly—and that to love Africa is to let it reveal the living light of the creation in a final way that wipes away all names, all religions and all systems.

Africa is a teeming no-thing and it is its ultimate paradox that at the core of all of its naked fierce abandon is an absolutely golden peace. The reason I first went to Africa was to see the White Lions. I went straight to the revelation at the heart of the African shamanic tradition. But I had no idea what I was going to experience. How could I?

I could tell you 100 stories of how the White Lions reveal themselves—to those who are open to them—as gorgeous royal ambassadors of the living light in nature. I could describe to you my own...

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Three Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Backbone

Devastating fires are raging across the states and the world, the news from climate scientists is alarmingly dire, the chances of America becoming fascist expand with every atrocious lie and dark-hearted destruction of the laws that have kept us safe and continuing to hone our democracy. I could go on, but you get the point.

If you don’t believe that fascism can take over America, please watch this 10-minute video from Tim Snyder, the author of the brilliant On Tyranny.  Then take a few minutes and read about the alarming new report from the IPCC (read the actual report here or watch the video) on the growing urgency for the world to deal with climate change.   

The apocalypse is here and everyone who is half awake knows it. I have known that this would come for 20 years and I have known too what my job was: to keep telling the truth even when I was derided and marginalized and to keep offering humanity grounded and sane tools to deal with an unprecedented...

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