[NEW COURSE] Navigating Chaos and Finding Joy and Purpose

Two Ways to Look More Deeply Into Mystical Wisdom

I think you all must be aware that this country and the world are now entering an extremely dangerous phase in Kali’s great dance of destruction and recreation.

My response to this as all who have been following my work know is to align myself ever more deeply with the passion for sacred activism and the great testimony of the evolutionary mystics that an extreme dark night can become the birth canal for a wiser, more embodied divine humanity.

In the spirit of this alignment I am delighted to mention again what I know will be a most inspiring weekend with Linda Tucker, the protector of the White Lions in South Africa and the creator of the Global White Lions Protection Trust.

Her amazing work and example have been an inspiration for me for years and all those who come to the weekend will be fed her vision of LionHearted Leadership™ that springs from the heart of her own practice and that of the ancient but still wonderfully alive African shamanic tradition.

I will be...

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Welcome Summer! And an entire year of diving into mystery

Happy Summer, everyone!

I have always believed that as things get wilder and more difficult, the lovers of God should become more focused, creative and joyful. This is of course very hard to put into practice, but at 69 I am doing my damnedest.

The year ahead is going to be the busiest of my life as I will be doing a global mysticism year for the Shift Network with Mirabai Starr offering with her the essence of our mutual lifetime search. I will also be writing a book on Mary Magdalene and 12 additional great women mystics who carried on her ecstatic tradition despite the depraved opposition of the Boys Club.

I will of course also be giving occasional classes and interviews.

This is my way of building a great Yes in the face of the exploding nova of politics in our time. I’m not under any illusion about what is happening, but I focus everything I do to encourage the signs of birth and progress that are also appearing vividly in this great Kali death/rebirth dance we are...

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