[NEW COURSE] Navigating Chaos and Finding Joy and Purpose

Two Ways to Look More Deeply Into Mystical Wisdom

I think you all must be aware that this country and the world are now entering an extremely dangerous phase in Kali’s great dance of destruction and recreation.

My response to this as all who have been following my work know is to align myself ever more deeply with the passion for sacred activism and the great testimony of the evolutionary mystics that an extreme dark night can become the birth canal for a wiser, more embodied divine humanity.

In the spirit of this alignment I am delighted to mention again what I know will be a most inspiring weekend with Linda Tucker, the protector of the White Lions in South Africa and the creator of the Global White Lions Protection Trust.

Her amazing work and example have been an inspiration for me for years and all those who come to the weekend will be fed her vision of LionHearted Leadership™ that springs from the heart of her own practice and that of the ancient but still wonderfully alive African shamanic tradition.

I will be offering my latest understanding of how urgent it is for us all now to become sacred activists willing to stand up for justice and democracy and equality in a world where all are threatened. While neither Linda nor I would shirk the difficulties ahead, we will offer concrete paths through the boiling madness and tools and practices that can sustain resolve in a time when we are all shattered and shaken by what is unfolding at a terrible speed.

Please join us and allow us to share with you as loving friends the truths that we have lived and we know work in extreme circumstances.

I am also thrilled to announce that this month I am beginning a year-long mystical immersion transmission with The Shift Network and Mirabai Starr, whom I love and honor as one of the most eloquent transmitters of the sacred feminine. This year-long immersion will explore the mystical path from all available angles and with the essential wisdom of the perennial tradition.

It will be dedicated especially to the emergent evolutionary wisdom of humanity’s great evolutionary mystics, such as Jesus, Rumi, Kabir, Bede Griffiths and Sri Aurobindo. As far as we know nothing like this course has ever been given and we hope that it will be an evergreen available to everyone.

We have an amazing group of passionately committed seekers and both Mirabai and I are awed and humbled by the responsibility we have to present what we love in the most accessible, inspiring and useful way.

We are not gurus, but friends and companions, and it is in that spirit of friendship to all that we plan to offer the very best of what we ourselves have been graced by the Beloved. Do check it out to see what we are up to and I hope it gives you courage and joy.

Many of you have written to me in understandable anguish and despair. I too feel both at times but my growing realization has convinced me that neither helps us at this moment. What does help, I am finding, is a far deeper inner practice and far richer and more authentic commitment to serving the world in whatever way we are truly called.

There is no one on the earth who knows what will happen and the Divine is in the mix, so go forward steadily, calmly, with great focus and unrelenting commitment to radical compassion in action. I love you all and will continue to serve you as wisely as I can.

Thank you so much for being with me and encouraging me by your own example and by your voices raised in clear protest and radical love.

With great love and deep appreciation,


Photo credit: Dawn on the Ganges in Benares by Eric Gonzalez


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