Welcome Summer! And an entire year of diving into mystery

Happy Summer, everyone!

I have always believed that as things get wilder and more difficult, the lovers of God should become more focused, creative and joyful. This is of course very hard to put into practice, but at 69 I am doing my damnedest.

The year ahead is going to be the busiest of my life as I will be doing a global mysticism year for the Shift Network with Mirabai Starr offering with her the essence of our mutual lifetime search. I will also be writing a book on Mary Magdalene and 12 additional great women mystics who carried on her ecstatic tradition despite the depraved opposition of the Boys Club.

I will of course also be giving occasional classes and interviews.

This is my way of building a great Yes in the face of the exploding nova of politics in our time. I’m not under any illusion about what is happening, but I focus everything I do to encourage the signs of birth and progress that are also appearing vividly in this great Kali death/rebirth dance we are living. I tenderly and strongly advise you to do the same. And I’m trying to model radical commitment to joy and the truly intense work we all need to do to be instruments of grace.

Join me this summer and let’s explore these times together!

Gay Spirituality: Pride and Prejudice Towards a New World

June was Gay Pride Month. I was the first openly gay major teacher and the first to get married nearly 30 years ago and I have advocated for the rights of the LGBTQIA2S+ community for decades.

In honor of Gay Pride Month, we have created a 2-part audio program. We'll offer a FREE integration session Wednesday, July 7 (at 7 pm CST/ 5 pm PST), that gives you the chance to connect LIVE and share your own experiences and answer your questions.

Spiritual Citizenship with Cornell West on July 14

I am thrilled to be invited by Embodied Philosophy to be one of the group of speakers celebrating radical spiritual change on every level with the great and extraordinary Cornell West.

Cornell West is one of my abiding heroes for his brilliant, relentless and absolutely authentic prophetic voice and the unflinching courage he has always shown in telling scalding truth to power. For me the black prophetic voices—the voices of Howard Thurman, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, James Baldwin, and all their great successors in our world today—are the most authentic and inspiring voices in America, the voices of the living Christ calling us all to risk everything to embody justice and call for the transformation of our corrupt and now collapsing world.

So I am deeply honored to be on the same platform as Cornell West on July 14 and invite you to join this wild and passionate group and dedicate yourself to your own unique sacred activism. In a time as devastating as this, real joy and meaning can only be found and lived by realizing your essential love nature and being brave enough to put it into action.

An Unparalleled Year of Deep Work in Mysticism

Beginning in August, the great adventure for me will be the one I am taking with Mirabai Starr, my beloved friend and one of the truly greatest writers on mysticism of our time. Together we have created a year-long intensive journey into the depths of evolutionary mysticism for Shift Network.

We have sweated gold blood and come up with what we believe to be a radical and deeply inspiring program, specifically tailored to the needs of our time. We both know that we are in a global dark night but we also both know from our own agonizing and amazing experience that dark nights are birth canals of miraculous growth and possibility.

The program we’ve designed is intended to give everyone who comes to it the richest perspectives, the deepest tools, and the most incandescently encouraging information for them to cooperate with the great birth that the mother is magically and terrifyingly creating out of the great death.

Besides our own weekly teachings, you will experience regular deep integration sessions and additional guest visits by a stunning list of master teachers. I have to say that nothing like this program has ever been offered partly because it couldn’t have been given in this form before this time.

It is richer than I can quickly encapsulate here, so I encourage you to give yourself the time to check into this amazing class and see the depth and scope of what will be an incredible year-long journey inward. It is of course a financial commitment but it is one that will allow you to join with a community of the world’s most dedicated spiritual teachers and its most committed seekers who might very well become your heart friends for the rest of your life journey.

Coming this fall: Sacred Activism with the Linda Tucker and the White Lions

As many of you know, my life and teachings have been transformed by my experience in South Africa with the white lions of Timbavati.

My great friend Jill Angelo and I have taken many memorable pilgrimages there with other lovers of God and my friendship with the protector of the white lions, Linda Tucker, is one of the great treasures of my life.

Linda Tucker is quite simply one of the most brilliant and authentic sacred activists on the planet. She has dedicated her entire life to the preservation of the white lions because she knows that they carry an astounding transmission of divine love and divine leadership which the human race desperately needs to learn from.

If you haven’t read her marvelous book, The Mystery of the White Lions, don’t wait another month to do so. I have read it many times and each time the revelations in it strike me at a deeper level. It is perhaps the greatest book on real shamanism that has been written in the last 50 years.

Linda has also written a great book on LionHearted Leadership™ and in this book makes clear the laws the lions have taught her of the brave sacred leadership we now need to incarnate to be able to save the planet. I had the honor of editing different drafts of the book and Linda’s message (and my message in The Hope) are two sides of the same truth.

It has long been a dream of mine to bring our two works together in a comprehensive event and this is now going to be realized in October, 2021, when I will bring my latest vision of Sacred Activism together with Linda’s newest understanding of how the laws of LionHearted Leadership work and must be applied in our crazy world.

Many of you attended The Revolution of the Mother that I presented with another great women heroine, V (formerly Eve Ensler), and many of you have written to me of how deeply moved and inspired you were. Linda is one of the very few who can match V in passion, eloquence, authenticity and visionary truth.

Watch your email for more information so you don't miss this key October event. It has taken years to organize, and could not come, I believe, at a more propitious or urgently needed time.



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