[NEW COURSE] Navigating Chaos and Finding Joy and Purpose

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Backbone

Devastating fires are raging across the states and the world, the news from climate scientists is alarmingly dire, the chances of America becoming fascist expand with every atrocious lie and dark-hearted destruction of the laws that have kept us safe and continuing to hone our democracy. I could go on, but you get the point.

If you don’t believe that fascism can take over America, please watch this 10-minute video from Tim Snyder, the author of the brilliant On Tyranny.  Then take a few minutes and read about the alarming new report from the IPCC (read the actual report here or watch the video) on the growing urgency for the world to deal with climate change.   

The apocalypse is here and everyone who is half awake knows it. I have known that this would come for 20 years and I have known too what my job was: to keep telling the truth even when I was derided and marginalized and to keep offering humanity grounded and sane tools to deal with an unprecedented evolutionary crisis. Now my work has become global and people thank God are listening and that gives me joy and courage as I approach 70 to keep pouring myself out steadily and patiently.

What I am asking of you is three things:

Face without illusion where we are, which is in the most dangerous crisis we have ever faced.

Plunge deeply into sacred practice so you can discover the deathless mysterious Being that lives inside you, the Being that nothing can destroy or defeat.

Realize that terrible times are no excuse for despair or paralysis but invitations to nobility. Standing up for justice and living a life of sacred purpose and action, whatever the hell or heaven happens. This has always been the way of the lovers of God and they know that in the greatest danger and agony the Beloved is always present to sustain, encourage, embolden, impassion and strengthen you.

But these are mere words if you don’t risk your whole being in devotion and love of life. So do not be one of those who miss the astounding grace hidden in our current disasters, the grace of being shattered and freed from your illusions to discover what lives beyond illusion and what burns in eternal fire in the core of your heart.

My beloved Father’s favorite phrase was, “When things get tough, the tough get going.” I have never felt more peaceful, never loved life more, never been more prepared to give away all that I have been given in the hope that it will inspire others. This I have discovered for myself is the way to stay calm in apocalypse, grateful for the miracle of life in the midst of a devastating destruction of life and encouraging of the many amazing good people who constantly cross my path and give me unshakable faith that while evil is obviously in the midst of a massive orgy everywhere, there are countless millions of decent, honorable, loving beings who know how dreadful things are but who refuse to surrender to the prevailing cynicism and despair.

It is time, my friends, to be quietly and ruggedly heroic, to love one’s friends passionately, to adore one’s animal companions, to celebrate the flowers in the parks and woods, to turn to the great music and poetry of the past, to laugh often, to make love with devotion and honor, to claim the truth of your sacred mission and sacred activism beyond agenda or false hope.

This worst of times is the perfect cauldron for authentic awakening which can only take place through the crucifixion of all magical thinking and all possible illusion, all false hope, all addiction to playing small. So go for an awakening that makes you tenderly unstoppable, nobly joyful, unafraid to tell the truth—even if it seems that no one is listening—offering up praise and celebrating the divine in all things. That’s it.

Here are my upcoming offerings of inspiration, passion and truth for you. I offer them with great love and trust in your honesty and determination to turn up as midwife warriors of the new world that is also mysteriously arising in the midst of the destruction of the old. No one can know whether this new world will be born, but what we can and must know and must take responsibility for is that we have to pioneer it right now with all of our wild hearts, clear minds ad divinely inspired wills.

As long as I have breath, I will not stop crying out to everyone. For God’s sake, realize that you have absolutely no safety but in the realization that only sustained spiritual practice can give you. Reading is wonderful, studying sacred texts is inspiring but only turning up in the relationship with the Beloved will provide the Beloved the opportunity to teach you the mysteries of truth and divine love directly in the core of your life.

All humanity’s greatest mystics and prophets have said this and proclaimed this again and again. If you don’t listen to them now, when everything is burning, you are depriving yourself of the only true support and the only true inspiration and source of strength, hope, stamina and clarity. I beg you to realize this and to step up your commitment to your practice and the wise sacred action that will inevitably flow from it.

See you soon,


August 14th: Andrew at Ubiquity University

In the final part of its summer trilogy of its classes, Ubiquity University presents a brilliant week of sacred offerings against the backdrop of the Chartres cathedral, as great spiritual teachers offer wisdom about how to heal your relationships: "Focus on what you love and let what you love expand." Andrew teaches about the Black Madonna on August 14th: Go here for more information.

August 28: An Afternoon with Rumi      

There is no greater mystical poet than Rumi. He even transcended poetry as a mystical prophet of love helping humanity even now birth itself out of a global dark night.

Join Andrew Harvey, the world's leading expert on Rumi, in a afternoon workshop with the Theosophical Society to learn to navigate the map this great prophet left behind for us to use today.

Coming Soon! Creating a Spiritual Practice

Andrew will teach you how to create a spiritual practice in a broadcast with Shift Network. Watch your email for details.

October 15-17: Sacred Activism with Andrew and Linda Tucker

In an inspirational weekend workshop, you will learn first hand what true Sacred Activism looks like and how its power can help us transform our relationship to Mother Earth. The powerful story of Linda Tucker's saving of the White Lions of Timbavati and how much it changed both Linda and Andrew is one you'll never forget. Sign up now.


The iconic image of Earthrise taken by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders on December 24, 1968 reminds us how beautiful and fragile our planet is.


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