[NEW COURSE] Navigating Chaos and Finding Joy and Purpose

The Rich Rewards of a Mystical Spring Are Upon Us

Spring is here and our task is to live this glorious spring as a revelation of the eternal springtime that reigns in the hearts of all true lovers of God.

Rumi said something which I learn from deeply every day and try to embody with everything I’m saying and doing:

The whole world could be choked with thorns

But the lover’s heart stays a rose garden.

What Rumi is saying in such a gorgeous way is that the task of true lovers of God is to keep their consciousness alive in the perpetual spring, the ever fresh wonder and joy and peace and delight in reality that is the gift of the beloved to those who truly surrender in adoration to Him/Her.

There is no other way of negotiating the madness and chaos of our time than going deep within in spiritual practice to discover the ever-flowing springs of this Spring, so that whatever is happening in the outer world, you remain juicy and alive in the eternal, and from that Spring-awoken place, throw yourself joyfully into the...

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