[NEW COURSE] Navigating Chaos and Finding Joy and Purpose

The Rich Rewards of a Mystical Spring Are Upon Us

Spring is here and our task is to live this glorious spring as a revelation of the eternal springtime that reigns in the hearts of all true lovers of God.

Rumi said something which I learn from deeply every day and try to embody with everything I’m saying and doing:

The whole world could be choked with thorns

But the lover’s heart stays a rose garden.

What Rumi is saying in such a gorgeous way is that the task of true lovers of God is to keep their consciousness alive in the perpetual spring, the ever fresh wonder and joy and peace and delight in reality that is the gift of the beloved to those who truly surrender in adoration to Him/Her.

There is no other way of negotiating the madness and chaos of our time than going deep within in spiritual practice to discover the ever-flowing springs of this Spring, so that whatever is happening in the outer world, you remain juicy and alive in the eternal, and from that Spring-awoken place, throw yourself joyfully into the burning world to do whatever you can to alleviate suffering, stand up for the voiceless and work tirelessly for the triumph of justice.

This is the universal message of all the great prophets of love and it is time for all of us not only to listen to it but embody it as far as we can so that nothing in the world defeats us and we rise together in this burning down of the old to be warrior midwives of the new, asking Grace to unite us in the undivided life that marries all our opposites: heart and mind, body and soul, masculine and feminine, spirituality and action, transcendent and imminent.

Everyone who is half awake knows that we are in a collective global dark night. And I know many of you are also going through related individual dark nights. Realize deeply that if we can rise together to the challenge of radical embodiment of rose garden consciousness, then this dark night will turn out to be the birth canal of the new humanity. What is offered us by our physical Spring and the mystical Spring is new wine in new wineskins.

Let us all do whatever we can to drink deep into ourselves this new wine so that it can give us joy, fearlessness and wisdom for the great fight ahead for the birth of a new world. What other game in town is there? Let nothing frighten or depress you. The great death is the time of the great birth.

And if you look calmly at the world even as it is now, you will see many encouraging signs of the Spring that is already here and is also coming. I see it in the extraordinary African American women who are rising with such rugged splendor to help us preserve democracy. I see it in the extraordinary efforts of doctors and nurses everywhere to warn us and heal us and protect us as we stagger through this pandemic. I see it in the battle against racism that is inflaming not only African American but people of all races. I see it in the truly astonishing openness and willingness to love people of all sorts and sexualities in the young women and young men that are coming into my life to show me that the new world is possible because it is alive in their faces and in their sweetness and in their passion.

Develop birth eyes guided by Spring and you will be kept joyful, hopeful and focused on pouring out your truth in wise acts of love in wise acts of sacred activism. Everything is at stake and everything is still possible. What an amazing time to be alive in.

As part of my own contribution, I invite you to participate in Caroline Myss’s extraordinary new series called Mystical Spring. I have the honor and joy of opening it with the 4-part transmission on the real original message of Jesus beyond religion. It has already begun but late comers are fabulously welcome and the price is amazing—only $75 for the four classes.

Spring is for everyone and pricing like this makes that possible. The reaction to what I am saying has already taken my breath away. It seems that people of all kinds are famished to hear the universal and all-embracing message of the real Jesus.

Even the most depressed refugee from Christianity understands somewhere that it isn’t Jesus’s fault that the churches have patriarchalized and betrayed his message. Somewhere deep in their hearts they keep unbroken love for this amazing human being who offered us all—whatever our religion—a complete and gorgeously inspiring and realistic path to love in action. It was my love of Jesus that inspired sacred activism which is, as you know, a global movement that embraces all humanity as I know he did. If you feel excited by what I’m saying, please join me in the spring feast I am preparing in Jesus’s and the Christ’s name.

One of the things I’ve discovered in my own quest for the real Jesus—and in my study of the great Christian mystics of the gospel of Thomas and of the Aramaic meanings which are tremendously rich and far richer than any English translation of Jesus’s message—is that Jesus was as much a child of the Mother as well as the Father.

In Jesus all opposites meet and his message is one of what Caroline Myss calls organic divinity and of what I call the sacred marriage. There can be no sacred marriage, however, without restoring to her full glory and power the Divine Feminine, the Mother side of God.

This restoration we can now see was the source of Jesus’s radical and unique insistence on love in action, an insistence that is more urgent, passionate and focused than in any other great world messenger.

At the end of May, I am going to celebrate with my beloved friend, V [formerly Eve Ensler], The Revolution of the Mother. May is traditionally the month of the Mother and especially of Mary and anyone who reads the Magnificat clearly will realize that Mary is not the sweet, obedient, humble, blonde girl of the Church’s fantasy, but the revolutionary of all voices in the Bible calling in fact for a triple and interlinked revolution: spiritual, economic and political.

This takes our breath away when you see her message naked and it inspires you to the deepest depths of embodiment. It is these depths that V and I will be uncovering in our own linked but unique ways and offering to you rawly, thrillingly and passionately, because both of us know as I know many of you know, that the greatest fact of our time is the return of the Mother.

And that this is not a coincidence but a revelation of the force of embodied love we need to incarnate at every level to preserve the human race and build a new inclusive harmonious naturally radiant and just world.

The coming together of a great global woman genius on fire with the Mother putting her money where her mouth is doing extraordinary works of sacred activism all over the planet with fearless passion—and my own work and witness that have been dedicated for 40 years now to the sacred marriage and especially to the comprehensive rebirth in union with the divine masculine of the divine feminine—will be something very powerful for all of you, I hope and pray.

We have again kept the price relatively low to enable as many of you as can afford it to participate. Scholarships will be available to embrace all those of you who find yourselves economically depleted in this crazy time. So please come to this Spring feast and galvanize yourself with the great passionate compassion and invitation to love in action of the Mother.

Terrible though this time is, I find for myself that it is crystallizing me and focusing me at a depth I had never imagined possible. Lockdown has driven me deep into mystical practice and creativity and pouring myself out through the grace of Zoom to anyone who will listen. What is amazing and humbling is that more and more people are now ready to listen to what I have been given to share and I am so irradiated with joy and gratitude.

It has been a long time coming, this particular Spring but as Nietsche said, “The best spring times come late.”

I have even joined a gym to try to ensure that this old wineskin can hold the new wine that God is pouring into it to be able to share it with you, my brothers and sisters. Getting an old English intellectual into a gym may have taken 68 years of wear and tear and a hip operation, but I’m finally putting my body where my mouth has been. Fortunately I have a luminous and patient 25-year old Muslim trainer and in between very simple exercises, we talk about the Prophet and Rumi.

Joy all around, my friends. Rumi ends the great poem I quoted at the beginning by saying:

Mount the stallion of love.

It knows the way exactly

However black with obstacles the path may be.

This ain’t just poetry. It is the eternal truth that the eternal Spring reveals to all who want it. So get onto your stallion of love and rise it however raggedly into the birth of a new humanity and a new world.

Love always,



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