Upcoming Adventures with Andrew as Spring Unfolds

Now that we have the beginnings of a sane administration and the real triumph of the Covid relief bill, I believe that this is the time to pour yourself out and go for broke in spreading love and passion for justice and creativity.

Obviously we are still in an extremely fragile and dangerous situation and no one should underestimate the depravity and lack of conscience of those who continue to promulgate the Big Lie and pamper the squads of neo-fascists that seem hell bent on destroying democracy.

On the other hand it would be equally foolish to deny the green shoots of hope that are appearing in millions of people waking up to how essential it is to do everything we can to help those in this appalling health crisis, to bring in voter protection acts, to work on the debilitated infrastructure, and to start doing something real about climate collapse.

For myself I have decided to pour out everything I am and know and to work harder than I ever have to give what I have to give in as...

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