Upcoming Adventures with Andrew as Spring Unfolds

Now that we have the beginnings of a sane administration and the real triumph of the Covid relief bill, I believe that this is the time to pour yourself out and go for broke in spreading love and passion for justice and creativity.

Obviously we are still in an extremely fragile and dangerous situation and no one should underestimate the depravity and lack of conscience of those who continue to promulgate the Big Lie and pamper the squads of neo-fascists that seem hell bent on destroying democracy.

On the other hand it would be equally foolish to deny the green shoots of hope that are appearing in millions of people waking up to how essential it is to do everything we can to help those in this appalling health crisis, to bring in voter protection acts, to work on the debilitated infrastructure, and to start doing something real about climate collapse.

For myself I have decided to pour out everything I am and know and to work harder than I ever have to give what I have to give in as galvanizing and grounding a way as possible. This determination I am finding is driving all the major teachers I know, because we all know that inspiration and encouragement at this fragile moment are essential.

So this is why I am encouraging you to check out the following adventures I have been on and hope to share with you:

Easter Retreat with Diane Berke

Rumi once said that one of our greatest challenges in life was to be a "true human being", even in inhuman times. But how do we do that?

My dear soul sister Diane Berke and I have created a weekend workshop to help you do all that's required for you to stay balanced in a time that requires so much of our physical, mental and spiritual energy.

We will explain a range of practices that will help you do what Rumi meant by helping you nourish your body mind and spirit.

Join us on this unique weekend of renewal as spring, the season of renewal and resurrection, begins. Staying Human in Inhuman Times, April 1, 6:30-9:00 EST

Chatting with George Cappannelli

George is an award-winning author and Emmy-Award winning television producer and director. He is also an old friend of mine and a champion of the work I have done. Spurred on by his enthusiasm and knowledge, we had four very exciting conversations, expanding on the themes in Radical Regeneration and offered it as a master class (with two integration sessions) and a smorgasbord of bonuses. I am proud of the work we have done. George in his calm brilliance inspired me to go further than I’ve ever gone, so if this vision of radical regeneration moves you, please dive in to what we are offering.

Find out more here:

Elderspeak Sessions with Carolyn Baker

I have also been doing a series of Elderspeak sessions with my collaborator, Carolyn Baker, relating the broad themes of the developing dramatic political situation in the country and in the West. I am including here as a link to our sixth conversation of seven on Sacred Intimacy which you will see is the gift of the Divine Feminine and the radical underpinning to the kind of creativity of interconnected compassion and justice that we need to build a new world fast.

Carolyn and I will be completing our 7-part series later this month on The Way of Nobility, because we both believe, as those who had read our latest book are aware, that our tragic and terrible times could be potentially the birth of a new humanity and accordingly demand from us a rugged nobility of joy and passion in action. Please enjoy these conversations which you will find on YouTube. And please share them with people who you feel can be steadied and encouraged by them.

Upcoming: Translations of an Incomparable Woman Mystic

I am also thrilled to announce that I have finished a three-year labor on a new book of translations, this time of one of Christianity’s great women mystics, Hadewijch of Antwerp. Hadewijch is a blazing, fierce, gorgeous hidden diamond and I have been obsessed with her majesty and intensity since I first met her in French translation in my thirties, when I was undergoing a very intense mystical transformation.

She and Rumi became my secret guides, because both are very frank, not only about the ecstasy that comes through being awakened to the Divine, but also the bewilderment, heartbreak and agony of the process of being born into a new reality. For years people have asked me to work on a woman mystic, and for years I have secretly longed to find the time to bring this—to my mind—the greatest of Christianity’s women mystics into a form that modern seekers of all kinds can resonate with.

And now it’s complete: A set of 365 translations that mingle her greatest poems with her letters of instruction and the magnificent accounts of life-transforming visions that governed her discovery of her won Christhood.

Keep your eyes peeled for this first installment and firm yourself up to meet this intransigent and revolutionary woman whose witness to the mystical life is one of humanity’s great treasures and something that continues to scald, challenge and immeasurably inspire me.


Speaking of extraordinary women, I have a thrilling announcement: the magnificent V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) has been a great soul friend of mine for many years. She is as many of you will know one of our greatest living writers—the author of a stupendous memoir, In the Body of the World, and of course of the world famous Vagina Monologues, which has been translated into 140 languages and is the most successful play in human history.

She is also a wildly creative and inspiring sacred activist who has co-created the building of a City of Joy in the Congo for 300 women and their families who had been through the hell of the Congolese civil war. As if all of this wasn’t enough, she is the architect of 1 Billion Rising, a global movement that continues to inspire women to enter into the fullness of their power all over the world.

Recently she wrote a almost unbearably brave book The Apology about her father who abused her sexually and nearly ruined her psyche and her life. I don’t know any other work that has exposed so nakedly the horror of abuse but also dives so deep into the heart to find even in madness and crucifixion a still living source of forgiveness.

As you can see, I not only love her deeply as my soul sister but revere the incandescent bravery and candor with which she has always risen to confront the destruction of the feminine. In recent years I have had the honor of accompanying her spiritually and mystically as she has opened to a series of astounding encounters with the Divine Mother which have radically expanded her understanding of evolution, and the power of the Divine to build a new world out of the ashes of the old. She is truly one of our greatest visionaries. And someone that I myself constantly learn from.

Imagine my immense excitement, then, in telling you that May 21-23, we are going to present together our interlinked visions on the revolution of the Mother. I beg you to join us on what is going to be a very beautiful, powerful, inspiring adventure because both V and I believe that the force of the Mother can even at this late moment effect rugged miracles and transform our crazy world.

The great evolutionary mystic Sri Aurobindo wrote, “If there is to be a future, it will wear the crown of feminine design.” Please join V and me in imagining this crown and furthering this design.

Save the date! Watch for details in your email and on my Facebook page.

All my love,



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