Praying Our Way Forward Through the Dance of Opposites

I want to speak to all of you directly from my deepest experience about what I see clearly is happening in America and in our world. But first I want to take a big step back. I want to share with you the deepest wisdom of all the mystical traditions.

This can be summarized very simply. God and reality are a dance of opposites that emanates from an unknowable mystery of love. What this means is that even the worst tragedies contain seeds of astonishing redemption and even the most astounding advances contain seeds of potential sabotage and destruction.

In order to understand this, all the mystical traditions agree that you need to be as aligned as possible with the mysterious void and with peace and subtle joy, out of which the dance of opposites itself emerges to do love’s evolutionary will.

This is of course extremely and constantly demanding, because it challenges us all to do the inner work to purify our mind so it becomes a stainless mirror into which the mystery can shine...

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