The Lessons of a Year of Covid from a Buddhist Epidemiologist


The lethal and obscene promises of Mad King Donald—that Covid would vanish with the election—have, as you may now know, not materialized. What a surprise! And as you also now know, we are in the dark and terrible beginning of what will be a catastrophic second surge of the virus with half a million dead by the Spring.

Even if everything goes smoothly with the vaccines as we all hope and pray it will, America will never be the same. And all our hearts that are already cracking will be shattered by what we will have to witness and endure.

Unfortunately, none of this surprises me. Carolyn Baker and I knew when we rewrote our first draft of Radical Regeneration that Kali had begun to dance in earnest and would not relent, and that given the abject state of our government, the broken and unequal state of our healthcare, the capacity of millions of Americans to be deluded by terminally insane theories and the unscrupulous greed that now pervades our public realm (just...

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