Christmas As a Universal Celebration of a Mystical Trailblazer


As a Christmas present to each of you, I offer this hour-long, utterly exhilarating and empowering conversation that Carolyn Baker and I had with Paul Levy. Paul is a genius and his books Quantum Revelation and Dispelling Wetiko are two of the most important contributions to humanity of the last thirty years. I hope you will take fire from the extraordinary perspectives his wisdom opens to all of us and use the joy he shares to deepen your own commitment to trust the divine field and its birthing power.

Everything that I’m about to say about Christmas is for everyone, whatever their religion or lack of it, because I describe it as a universal celebration (which I will unpack). Those of you who may have been wounded by your experience of Christianity are invited to step beyond your wounds to the real glorious meaning of what Christmas is and rediscover a Jesus that your heart may always have yearned for but failed to find in the patriarchal fantasies of the Boys Club....

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