Diamonds in the Dark: Mining Divine Joy In the Depths of the Shadow


I want to invite you on what I consider to be one of the most thrilling mystical adventures—the journey into the depths of the shadow to discover the diamonds that are hidden in its darkness. As anyone who is half awake knows, the shadow is having a Babylonian orgy in every realm all over the world, and as I have pointed out many times, this is causing a massive evolutionary crisis which is showing up as a global dark night.

This is of course in one sense terrifying and there are two approaches to shadow work which I find dangerous and unhelpful.

The first is the New Age approach which is hippy dippy about the light and idiotically in denial of the shadow; this approach only makes the shadow darker and more lethal. Another slightly wiser but still dangerous approach is to become obsessed with the shadow and hunt it down to its minutest particulars in such a way that the person who pursues this path becomes paralyzed, depressive, pseudo-brilliant in their pessimistic vision of...

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