Holy Wisdom in Different Forms

andrew's newsletter Mar 05, 2023

Andrew Harvey:

Hello everyone and great love and great joy and great encouragement to you all in the middle of these astoundingly difficult and chaotic times.

We here are doing everything to offer you new perspectives and a galvanizing vision of what sacred activism can accomplish in this time. And as you know, my sacred activism series has been launched in a very beautiful and holy way, and we're having a marvelous response.

The March episode is going to be about homelessness, which is something I care very deeply about and see you around me in Chicago and personally do whatever I can to help. And for this episode, we're going to have someone who knows a great deal from personal experience about how to address homelessness, one of my greatest friends and one of our greatest spiritual luminaries, Father Adam Bucko. And if you haven't met Adam, you have missed something. He is truly one of the world's leading sacred activists, a man of great divine inspiration and deep humility....

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