The mystery of the great force of sacred activism that is attracting us all

sacred activism Jan 16, 2023

How to Be A Force For Change

Although, my dear, dear friends, I cannot begin to describe how overjoyed and honored I feel at the beginning of our adventure together and how absolutely grateful I feel to all of you willing to turn up, to explore in both the most exalted and also the most grounded and pretty way. The mystery of the great force of sacred activism that is attracting us all.

I never feel myself the teacher of sacred activism.

Sacred activism is my teacher. And I try to share whatever I am learning from this great force of birthing with you so that you can feel as joyful and strong and compassionate and filled with sacred energy as possible because that's going to be essential for the future of humanity.

So the adventure that I feel I am on with you is through your grace of willingness to turn up and I know that there are many who belong to my group who are doing wonderful things already with all of their hearts.

The adventure that I feel I'm on with you is an adventure that really asks of all of us to be as attuned as possible to all the amazing signs that are present right now in our exploding, crazy, chaotic, agonized world that's going through a global dark night. The amazing science of extraordinary brave movement, of sacred activism, working British miracles. I'm thinking of Iran and I'm thinking of the Splendor and Majesty and Wildness and absolute sincerity of the courage of the young Women Especially, who know they are risking their lives but have decided that the demented vision of Islam that consecrates the regime that oppresses them is to be annihilated and with it all the structures it supports and are willing to pay with their lives if necessary.

Think of what that means.
Think of the great yes that's burning in their great no.

The yes for freedom, the yes to love as they choose, the yes to experience God in the famine and in the maternal and in the just and in the harmonious as well as in this tyrannical masculine that the authorities adore and use to punish and murder and corrupt.

Amazing. Think of what happened in China just four or five weeks ago when the Chinese people are the most surveilled people on the earth. You cannot go shopping in China without being photographed half a million times when they rose up and by the force of their peaceful protests, braving, sometimes very fierce police changed China's COVID policy showing that they had had enough of being told exactly how to live by dictatorial powers. That insane. That amazing shift.

Think too because this transmission is about the climate, but it's also about the essence of sacred activism, as you'll see. Think too about what's happened in this last year in our journey into becoming stewards of the climate instead of destroyers of it. Two major breakthroughs, the breakthrough of a great legislative agenda of Biden and the Democrats in the first major climate bill that gives billions, 100 and 200 billion to the creation of new forms of energy, the encouragement of new research, an amazing and unprecedented move didn't go far enough. But it happened and it got through and it's here and it's working and it's a sign of what could be to come if we care deeply enough and called out for it.

So it's possible.
So it's wonderful.

All of these things, all of these seemingly very different things point for me to one tremendous truth that has been guiding my life in the last three decades. And that is when human beings get in touch with their sacred connection to life and justice and truth and realize that that connection is life itself and is the way that is most natural and truthful and go for that which inevitably results in sacredly, inspired, clear action on behalf of what you love and know is infinitely precious and cannot be destroyed without destroying you. That's sacred activism and that is the noblest possible and most powerful and most effective and most grounded force not only in the human psyche, but it's actually the force of the divine itself. Because the divine is the ultimate sacred activist, creating endlessly boundlessly, fertilely, out of ecstatic divine intelligence, universe after universe. And us now to help the Divine in us and around us and with us.

But a wholly new way of being and doing everything so that the human race not only survives this atrocious period but comes to find that this atrocious period is a birth can now for something unimaginably new but which we can see in Iran, we can see in China, we can see in the amazing discoveries of fusion that the scientists had made which would potentially open up the way to a wholly new and cheap form of energy, which could help us reinvent the world without having to go back to Stone Age conditions to be able to do so. So it's an amazing possibility. Again, this is a sign that outstanding new things are being born through tremendous effort and tremendous commitment, and tremendous simple natural, heartbroken but rugged compassion all over the world. That's the rise of the tide of sacred activism and it's expressing itself in so, so many other ways, which I think it's part of our responsibility right now to concentrate on. Because there are two things that I've learned on my journey into sacred activism from sacred activism that I truly want to stress with my whole being at this moment before we go into the journey together so that we can truly tune ourselves to these truths.

If they strike you as real.

The first is that real and sustaining and sustainable sacred activism can only be done from a power of constantly renewed joy.

You will in a crisis as extremists, only be prepared for what you must take on and must bear and must look at and must process and must relate to, and must act on behalf of from the depths of your conscience. You'll only be able to get through the constantly shifting labor of turning up like that if your whole being is consecrated to love and to service and to the divine reality that transcends all things and lives in and as all things. The more you develop a simple, sacred way of attuning yourself to that embodies the divinity of everything the more joy you'll be filled in for no reason but simply that you exist and are beginning to know who you are, really are. Embodying divine children the father, and mother the two sides of the one that's expressing itself in the most beautiful, empowered way in and through you and me if only we can see how beautiful we are.

Training yourself for joy is not narcissism, is not laying out the agony of the world. Because the joy that you're training for does not depend on denying the agony of the world doesn't mean that it in any way turns away from the suffering because it knows that that suffering also has a meaning and a purpose that can be aligned with for the most transformative, imaginable heads. It knows that. And while it has compassion it doesn't get entangled in the disastrous necessary processes of transformation.

It threads through them all as a secret waiting to be discovered by those who are simple enough to turn up our reality. To show you its real faith and who you really are and how the world really is. Which is utterly sacred and holy and created all of it in every way on all of the universes, out of the substance of light energy. We know this now from the greatest mystics and now the pioneering quantum physicists. They're all coming to the same knowledge of the unified force field light that we the children of.

So that's the practice of joy. And in whatever way my words have moved you and in whatever way you interpret what I'm saying in the terms of your own spirituality and your own thought realize that when you've been most joyful you've been most close to the real because the reality is joy endlessly creating and expanding new possibilities. That's the nature of the divine because it's the nature of divine love that utter joy and that utter love come together at the heart of the divine.

And the other essential thing I found, and I found it because I have really needed to find it, is to cultivate Earth's eyes, to ask the mother to grace you with the gift of seeing the new, the encouraging, the amazing, the real awe-inspiring. Appearing like little green shoots in a bummed-out wasteland, but appearing, definitely appearing in their utter newness and greenness and beauty and conscious knowledge. Because the more your prayer is answered, the more you develop birth eyes the more you'll be able in the middle of chaos and darkness and suffering and feet and sometimes of well-earned despair the more in the middle of all of those, you'll be able to cultivate a path to energy and joy. Because instead of the focus of your being, the agony that got you to do something about what was going on, now the focus of our being needs to be on the joy of what our ragged and rugged sacred action has accomplished. The beginnings of a great earth which I am inviting you to develop.

The eyes to see and to pray. To have those eyes so that during the long ordeals ahead and they're going to be ordeals and they're going to be long because we're in a global, dark night process. We will never lose our connection with profound joy. And we will never lose our connection with the deepest meaning of our lives. That we are here to embody love in action in our own unique way, with our unique gifts and our unique contributions.

And that is the law of the true human-divine life. And that's the law of all of the great religions. And that's the law of all the awake. And that's the law that's being opened to us in great majesty and tenderness by the divine at this moment. And that's the law that underlies and fuels sacred activism.

I revere and honor all the activists.

Of course, I do everyone that turns up to attempt with their lives and their hearts their resources to do something about what they see is madness exploding. It's a brother and a friend and a sister and a mother and a teacher and a mentor to me. And I honor every form of sacred activism, every form of activism because even in some of its more chaotic forms, it is an expression of the wild and heartbroken and naked heart that wants another world.

There's something unique about sacred activism, and that's uniqueness is what I feel that my mission is entrusted to. Not to be superior to any other forms of activism, but to offer activism that is steep primarily and forever in the sacred.

People say sacred activism in many different ways and with many different meanings. But for me, the emphasis has to be on the first word sacred. Sacred.

And what I'm coming to more and more, and I can state this very simply as I begin my 70s is that all authentic and effective and transformative action now is and can only be born from those who are living consciously, as far as they can, as sincerely as they can, as humbly as they can, a sacred life. Our lives, our actions, our words, our behavior, and our commitments on every level of our lives. Gazing out of the window at a tree, listening to music on the radio. All of these need to be consciously sacred for us to receive the greatest strength and blessing of the sacred and to be able to receive the power that only the sacred can give us.

And the world was ringing in. But I want that to stand because that's a very important message for us to hear. Me, first of all. And you can boil it down to very simple terms. And simple terms are listening to the good news that comes from the greatest mystics, the greatest prophets, and the most enlightened geniuses that have been on the planet.

Listen to them and they all claim one great truth to us, and that is that we are divine beings by original blessing, living in a completely holy world and capable through simple forms of attention, meditation, prayer and commitment to becoming compassionate in our lives, of being awoken to an extraordinary state of embodied awakening, of engulfing, of divine humanity, humble, simple, natural. That's the universal message they are giving us. And if they're all giving it with different emphasis but with the same joy, the same amazing eloquence, the same terms, sometimes across different religions, then they are describing something that is real. They're being to the same country. They know what that country looks like.

And what it looks like is our real selves.

And it's from that place that IGA hummed, a more reverent place of committing ourselves to live a sacred life that our activism will truly become sacred because it will be grounded in the essence of who we are in all we. And it will heal the divisions between body and mind and heart and soul and our ideals and our practice and bring us into the simple, natural state, the simple state of being who we really are. Lovers of each other, lovers of God, lovers of justice, lovers of peace, lovers of true selfless sacrifice.

 Bring us back to our essential Buddha and Christ.

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