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white lions Sep 13, 2021

Hello dear friends,

I am so grateful that I did not visit Africa until I was in my fifties. I don’t think I would have been strong enough and grounded enough for Africa before then.

All I can say of Africa is that to me it is naked God—the beginning always exploding softly—and that to love Africa is to let it reveal the living light of the creation in a final way that wipes away all names, all religions and all systems.

Africa is a teeming no-thing and it is its ultimate paradox that at the core of all of its naked fierce abandon is an absolutely golden peace. The reason I first went to Africa was to see the White Lions. I went straight to the revelation at the heart of the African shamanic tradition. But I had no idea what I was going to experience. How could I?

I could tell you 100 stories of how the White Lions reveal themselves—to those who are open to them—as gorgeous royal ambassadors of the living light in nature. I could describe to you my own mystical understanding of them given to me through their grace as silent trumpeters of radiant embodiment.

The White Lions are above all incarnations of the three qualities we now need most: fearless lionheartedness, nobility and majesty. And they can help us be transfigured into our original divine human state which is as royal and free as they are.

For me the White Lions changed everything I understand about nature and everything I understood about my own divine animal, my beloved cat, Jade. For me they are the living signs of what we as human beings can be called to if we let the Mother bring us here naked with her in her exploding reality birthing bed and if we choose, our natural wild heart in her own lion heart.

Words cannot accurately convey the revelation the White Lions bring, but there is no doubt to those who have experienced through their grace their mystical sublimity that the White Lions are divine messengers bringing with their presence a living experience of unity with all creation down to the tiniest cell of one’s muscles and bones.

Coming to work with Linda Tucker at this moment of the world’s evolution is especially thrilling for me because the marriage of her vision of sacred lion leadership and my vision of sacred activism is an endlessly rich and dynamic one. What Linda and the White Lions offer us is a direct radiant initiation into the embodied glory of the creation and it is this initiation expressed through the 13 Laws of Lionhearted Leadership that all sacred activists need to open themselves to.

In my own life a wholly new level of love and strength and rapture at life and ecstatic celebration of the beauty exploding in nature everywhere arrived in me through the grace of the White Lions and it is that grace that Linda and I will be sharing and hoping to be crystal channels for to help you birth yourself into your royal lionhood or lionesshood.

I hope I have expressed how thrilling and humbling my own inner journey has been for me and how much I have begun to learn from their wordless transmissions. What I am praying is that the White Lions will bless Linda and me and allow us to titrate everything we have learned for you to pour onto your own head the golden oil that has been poured on ours, so what I am writing about here will not be just my private vision but yours as well in your own unique way.

That’s what I feel about these magnificent creatures: When you enter my flat, the first thing you see is an entire wall covered with color photos of the White Lions. This is not by chance. I pray to them as the guardians and inspirers of sacred activism and to be worthy of what they have let me glimpse of them, and pray too to let divine love flow down and possess all of me as it closely and amazingly possesses all of them.

You can imagine my further delight that my coming together with Linda in our upcoming October retreat will help raise money for her Great White Lion Protective Trust, a registered NPO/Public Benefit Organization situated in a protected area of nearly 4,400 acres of endemic bushveld in South Africa.

Linda’s work in the Trust is pioneering in every way. She has risked her life time and time again to fulfill her mission of protecting the White Lions and their astounding message; the work of the Trust will enable the preservation of White Lions in the wild. This is no luxury trophy cause for those who understand what the lions carry.

My friends, be one of those who rise to honor this amazing work done in the face of every kind of violence and ignorance to preserve the transmission streaming through the bodies and eyes of the White Lions. It’s all beyond what the mystical texts tell you. It’s a rapture of the creation, being whole love with the whole body of creation. It is the most gorgeous kind of love.

Activists need a sense of that amazing connection to the pulsing energies of nature. It is not sentimental; it’s raw, terrible and peaceful all at once. And at the core of it is the White Lions.

Africa isn’t offering us a religion but a way of immersion in reality. Get with the real right now.

We hope you will join us for this incredible adventure with these amazing creatures. May the White Lions walk with you and protect you and ennoble you and reveal to you the splendor of the creation of which they are the ultimate diamonds.

All my love,



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