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Would you like guidance on your personal spiritual journey?

Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they learn to navigate their relationship to the divine and its challenges and mysterious rewards. It is also designed to help them flourish in their own unique personal spirituality.

Given the extent of crisis of our time, nearly everyone is experiencing confusion, anxiety, depression, and grief over personal losses and have an overall sense of malaise.

Andrew himself is no stranger to any of these and has been working to help people through his books, teachings and consultations find their own unique path to peace, empowerment and joy.

Andrew welcomes all seekers on all paths including those who don’t espouse any particular path. His own mystical education has taken him deep into Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam and the Indigenous Traditions. He has lifetime’s experience of mystical search, practical guidance and grounded compassion, tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

He is known as an expert of the “Dark Night” process which so many are going through in our time, and has himself, been through an 11 year analysis with a great Jungian analyst with specific emphasis on profound shadow work.

"What a beautiful beautiful gift it is to be in personal conversation with Andrew. It has been profoundly transformative. I have been blessed by my time with him."

Diane Kroll

"Expect a communication that is filled with deepest compassionate love, profound truth, wisdom, and understanding, self-giving, holy power. Expect to be renewed in hope and in strength."

Charles and Agnes Budinger

"Beyond Andrew’s knowledge of all the spiritual traditions, for me the biggest blessing is his huge heart... he has been able to provide real, practical help to me during my spiritual growing."

Tim Lukehurst

How do I prepare for my session?

Become as clear as possible about what you are truly seeking.

Pray or meditate 10 minutes before your session begins so that your heart and mind can be as receptive as possible to your own deepest intuition and Andrew’s guidance.

Spiritual Direction Packages




One 50-minute phone session with Andrew






  ✓ Three 50-minute phone sessions with Andrew

  ✓ Access to Andrew's Online Meditation Program





  ✓ Six 50-minute phone sessions with Andrew

  ✓ Access to Andrew's Online Meditation Program

  ✓ Access to Andrew's Sacred Activism Online Reference Library


NEW: Spiritual Direction:
One Year Program with Andrew Harvey


If you've been searching for more in-depth guidance and support as we navigate these uncertain and confronting times, this brand-new program could be the answer to everything you've been searching for.

For the first time ever, we're offering an exclusive one-year program in Spiritual Direction with internationally-renowned mystical teacher and scholar, Andrew Harvey.

In this deeply personal and profound journey, you'll be personally guided through the life's work of this incredible teacher with the opportunity to receive direct coaching, mentoring, and feedback. 

That includes Andrew's work in the mystical teachings of Rumi, Kabir, Buddha... as well as his expertise in facilitating The Dark Night process, Shadow Work, Radical Regeneration and more. 

You'll also receive:

  • Access to the complete Institute for Sacred ActivismTM Product Library.
  • Free access to all of Andrew's online courses, programming, workshops, and retreats for one year.
  • Autographed copies of Andrew's best-known books, to be used in your Spiritual Direction sessions.
  • Prioritized access to Andrew's Booking Schedule.
  • A program concierge to support your sessions and your work with Andrew.
  • Weekly 30-minute touch base calls. 
  • Special gifts from Andrew. 
  • and more...

Over 12 months of dedicated time and exclusive one-on-one sessions, you'll discover the true reality of your life, your purpose, and everything you need to know to make this great step in the coming evolution of humanity. 



“For me, as a believer in the direct connection to the Divine, spiritual counseling helps people discover their inner truth and divine identity. I am not a guru. I share what I know as a fellow seeker and spiritual friend.”

- Andrew Harvey


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