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In Deepest Gratitude From Andrew Harvey

gratitude Nov 29, 2021

Dear Friends,

As we begin to close this incredible year of 2021, I want to take this opportunity to thank you with my whole heart for participating in this wild ride we are all sharing.

Our lives are filled with uncertainty and unprecedented events but never forget that there is wisdom that outlasts the most outrageous outcomes and it lives on to guide us still.

Those of you have followed my work know that I have spent my life learning from and sharing the wisdom of many wondrous beings, from my beloved Bede Griffiths and the Dalai Lama to the astounding modern women mystics like Caroline Myss, Mirabai Starr, Linda Tucker and so many other dedicated good souls who have spent their lives sharing their spiritual journeys with others.

Two of my own greatest teachers lived hundreds of years ago and it has been my great honor to translate their works for modern readers: the incomparable mystical poets Rumi and Kabir. Their brilliance is even more astounding given its modern feel, for that is one of the signs of wisdom--it is timeless.

Recently I offered a year-long immersion in the wisdom of Kabir, a daily email of one of his poems. Many of you told us how much you enjoyed its daily dose of his unique mystical voice, so I decided to make it available to you again in two forms that will allow you to have easier access to it, to read it randomly or as a daily devotion you can hold in your hand.

Engoldenment: A Year With Kabir is now available as either an e-book or paperback.

“Engoldenment” is the term inspired by Kabir that I use to describe the amazing birth that all the evolutionary mystics of humanity have known is possible: the birth of the Divine in the mind, heart, soul and body. It goes further than enlightenment which can be imagined as a going off into the light dropping the world, the creation, the human, the body.

Engoldenment reveals the divinity of everything and the possibility the Divine is offering us in and through the extreme crisis we are living of being totally human and totally divine, a whole being united to the one that is our source.

In addition to the book, I invite you to join me next year as we begin a deeper look at the class I am offering that explains engoldenment more deeply. The class, Exploring Engoldenment, will present:

• An hour-long course that explains the secrets of Engoldenment. (If you can't attend, the recording will be available within 48 hours after the event.)

• Access to a live Q&A integration session I will lead with each of you able to share and ask questions.

• A free viewing of Kabir, the film I had the great joy of making with the wonderful and inspired young Mexican Canadian director, Eric Gonzalez.

• A bonus to this class is an additional conversation I recorded with Ellen Gunter, the author of Earth Calling. In it she and I discuss three ways in which Kabir’s grand and majestic vision can be integrated into the depths of our everyday lives.

We made the film, Kabir, in Varanasi, the city where Kabir lived. In my heart I still call it by its old name, Benares, my favorite place on earth because of its wildness, beauty and constantly whirling openness to the sacred on every level.

This beautiful film is a kind of lucid dream, a subtle and fluid whirlwind of images of Benares through which I emerge to read sequences of Kabir’s greatest poems. Approach it as a holy meditation and allow Kabir to speak to you out of the sights and sounds he himself lived in.

The film is dedicated to the great Indian sage, Anandamayi Ma, whose name means “the mother of eternal bliss”. Her ashram is close to where I always stay in Benares and although I never met her in the body, her presence and teachings illumine my life and the lives of all who are blessed enough to discover her. For me, Kabir is a transmission from her eternal mind to all of us.

Before you take this class, I recommend you prepare yourself by meditating (or speaking the name of God) for at least thirty minutes to ensure you are calm and spacious enough to drink down Kabir’s burning wine.

After the listening to the class, I recommend that you do nothing for an hour but let the force of what is coming through Kabir to us percolate in your whole being.

I also recommend that as a grounding exercise, you listen to the conversation between Ellen and me so that you don’t remain stunned by the grandeur of what Kabir’s saying, but realize that you are already a decent human being with divine consciousness on the astounding path he represents so completely.

Allow yourself to be taken to the top of the Everest of Kabir to absorb as much as you can of the view from there and to return into your body and life and world knowing that you can begin to make that view one with your extraordinary ordinary life.

My deepest prayer is that if you embrace this class in the sequence I have suggested, then the film, Kabir, and the book, Engoldenment: A Year With Kabir, will become for you a friend guiding you ever more deeply into the truth of your incarnation and into the secret of engoldenment.

May every blessing follow you on your journey,



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