Turning to Gold

Music Inspired by Kabir

Explore This Downloadable Music Experience from Chloe Goodchild, Andrew Harvey and Nicholas Twilley

Track List
1. Unshadowed God 31:40
2. Mad Dog 10:26
3. Naked 34:56

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Three great friends—Chloe Goodchild, Andrew Harvey, and Nicholas Twilley—met in a recording studio in Bristol. Out of their passion and communion was born this feast of Kabir’s most radiant and challenging poetry.
This work is dedicated to all lovers of truth and to the birth of an embodied divine humanity whose pioneer, Kabir, remains the master of the process of engoldenment—the divinization of the whole being.

Chloë Goodchild

Chloë is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training programme, providing a sound awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audio-books and spoken meditations that empower you to find and to embody your authentic voice. 

The Naked Voice Charitable Foundation was established in 2004, to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role conscious communication plays in strengthening ethical awareness, social health and well-being in all realms of human life. Chloe’s seminal book, The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound  (North Atlantic Books) was published in 2015.

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is Founder and Director of The Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.

Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants

Nicholas Twilley

Nicholas founded The Art in Listening in 2015 - a practical approach to self-awakening incorporating indigenous and contemporary traditions of Art, Philosophy and Psychology.

The Art in Listening advocates that everything has value. We need to have confidence in how to give time to that value and not be running at the effect of it. You wake up sometimes and you don’t feel so good. If you are attentive to that reality, you will in time learn from it. Learning to be compassionate to yourself, in a way that an artist can guide you to be generous. To give yourself the time you actually need, that is one of the key gifts of the Art in Listening.


“Nothing that happens on the surface of the sea can alter the calm of its depths.”

Andrew Harvey


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