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The School of Sacred Warriorship

Joining Linda Tucker and Andrew Harvey in Timbavati South Africa for Sacred Warriorship School. Andrew and Linda will fuse their visions of Sacred Activism and Lion Shamanism to offer an 8-day initiatory retreat focused on Sacred Warriorship in the modern-day world. Leading conservationist and author of Mystery of the White Lions, Linda Tucker will share her unique knowledge and first hand experience of the legendary white lions of Timbavati, revealing their divine message of courage, love, truth and enlightenment. She will lead participants through shamanic exercises that can enable all to connect with the inspiring message of the lions, empowering us at our highest level of awareness, as well as equipping us to take on the challenges of our everyday life.

Renowned author, Andrew Harvey will share his vision of Sacred Activism as the birthing force of a new world and initiate participants into fundamental practices drawn from the world’s major mystical traditions… the experience will enable all to go forward as Sacred Activists drawing upon hope, peace, passion in a grounded and highly effective manner.

Combining ancient spiritual practices with modern everyday application, Linda and Andrew believe that this fusion of their lives’ work will enable participants to find their own inner Sacred Warrior, equipping and empowering us with clear forceful vision and assisting us with effective decision-making in a time of critical importance to our future.

The Timbavati region of South Africa is the spiritual and natural homelands of the white lions, believed to be the most sacred animals on the African continent. The ancient shamanic power of the land, with its majesty and splendor, offers participants a living temple in which to directly experience the universal truths, grounded by the white lions’ presence.

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