What do you do when the planet is engulfed in a dark night event? How do we step out of despair, and into action? Who do we turn to for guidance?


Radical Regeneration
with Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

Four-Lesson Online Course + Advance Manuscript


Join Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker as they draw on the deepest discoveries of modern science... and the most profound wisdom of the mystical traditions... to offer radical guidance for navigating this global dark night crisis, and the evolution of a whole new human species.

As part of this program you'll also receive a downloadable advance copy of the Radical Regeneration manuscript.

What You'll Learn in This Course


The Planetary Rite of Passage

The current global dark night is nothing less than an extreme evolutionary crisis. Extinction is possible and even likely, but an unprecedented birth of a divine humanity is also possible.


Discover what science reveals to us about evolutionary mutation and what happens when you consider the infinite possibilities the quantum field opens up to us.

The Sacred Invitation

Learn about the phases of possibility for this dark night to create the birth of a new species and explore the intensity of sacred activism that’s now required of us. 

A New Age of Spiritual Activism

Mystics know that the dark night is not only the end of an untenable way of being and doing, but the potential birth canal for something unimaginably new. Learn the five archetypal patterns of the dark night and how to assess where you land in this moment.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Intro & The Planetary Rite of Passage

Lesson 2: The Sobering Data & Quantum Perspectives on Mutation

Lesson 3: The Birth of a New Species & Conscious Engoldenment

Lesson 4: Radical Regeneration Q&A

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Meet Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is Founder and Director of The Institute for Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.

Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants.

Meet Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos by developing of a variety of emotional tools alongside commitment to spiritual transformation. Through her multi-faceted work, Carolyn is touching the lives of thousands to assist them in preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt climate change. 

For nearly a decade, Carolyn has published the Daily News Digest. This amazing, subscription-based newsletter contains key stories on economics, the environment, geopolitics, civil liberties, civil unrest, and cultural trends—and contains a unique Inspiration section which reports ways in which people around the world are responding to our planetary predicament.

The promise inherent in working with our pain is that it is within the pain where healing lies.

From Radical Regeneration

Praise for Radical Regeneration

To help us along the path, Radical Regeneration should be in yours and everyone's backpack.

Dr. Jem Bendell

Founder of Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS)

Andrew Harvey invites us to rise to the times as a grand initiation, to be renewed in splendor, or to stand idly and be swallowed by Kali, the goddess of time and death.

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Author of One Spirit Medicine & Shaman Healer Sage

This is a demanding book--but our times are demanding... Read it, and pray it, and dare to live it generously.

Matthew Fox

Author of The Christian Mystics
& Order of the Sacred Earth

Whatever your spiritual practice, this program will guide you to plunge more deeply than ever into it.

It is essential to pursue realization of your true Self with more faith and intensity in these exploding times than ever before. 


Radical Regeneration:

From the foreword by Paul Levy

We are truly living in apocalyptic times. Something that it is most important for us to know—about ourselves and our place in the world—is being revealed to us in this process. Psychologically speaking, “the apocalypse” means the momentous, world-shattering event of the coming of the (Higher) Self into conscious realization.

Consider this: what is happening on the world stage is the very archetypal event into which we have all been born so as to consciously midwife this process into manifestation by playing our necessary and supporting roles - whatever that might be for each one of us.

We are being invited—make that demanded—by the universe itself to consciously participate in our own evolution – or else!

We are operating in concert with the divine, co-creating the apocalypse together. If we wind up destroying ourselves, it will be human hands that push the button, so to speak. If the love of God will replace the old order with a new age, it will be human creativity channeled through the human heart that will fashion it.

We should be truly grateful to both Harvey and Baker for their bodhisattvic work in writing this book. In finding their authentic voice and genuinely trying to be of whatever possible help they can be in a world gone mad that desperately needs all the help it can get, they are way-showers, modeling for us what it looks like to step out of our comfort zone and find the courage to speak what is true based on our experience. However things turn out, one thing is for sure – the crisis of our times is literally insisting that each one of us connects with our true inner authority, our own inner voice, our authentic self and step into who we are, as much as we are able.

My heartfelt prayer is that Radical Regeneration becomes as widely read—all over the planet—as it so richly deserves to be.


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