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7 Sacred Best Practices

Video Trainings from Andrew Harvey

As you will experience from the 8 transmissions that I am offering on Radical Regeneration, I believe that our current global dark night terrifying though it is, is the birth canal of a divine humanity transfigured by love. In order to experience this truth viscerally, you will need to take the path of transfiguration that I have opened up through these transmissions and in order to experience the truth of this path, what you will most need, I believe from my own experience, are the 7 sacred practices that I shall be offering, each one of which I have practiced for 30 years and found to be both exalted and profoundly grounding.

These practices are taken from several of the world’s great mystical traditions and they offer a sacred technology for the Great Birth. One of the subtle miracles of our time is that at the moment of our greatest danger, the divine has made available to us the inner sacred technologies of all the mystical traditions at the very moment when both our survival and our transfiguration depend on us using them sincerely and passionately in the core of our lives.

Practice #1 - Practice of Breath
Practice #2 - Imageless Meditation
Practice #3 - The Tibetan Practice of Uniting with the Wisdom Mind of the Universe
Practice #4 - The Name of God
Practice #5 - The Saint Francis Prayer
Practice #6 - The Practice of Constantly Renewing our Sacred Heart
Practice #7 - The Practice of the Golden Light