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The Moon Dog Farm

Dear Friends,

The Institute of Sacred Activism is preparing a new adventure: The global St. Francis Sanctuary Project. As everyone now knows, animals everywhere are in extreme and devastating danger from the systems of destruction we have put in place. Hundreds of thousands of people want to do something to protect and help animals but feel powerless to do so. The Institute is aiming to mobilize this passion for animals by inviting everyone, whatever their resources, to start offering sanctuary to animals in need. The first project will be buying a small farm where a sanctuary can be created in ideal conditions.

We are calling this first sanctuary The Moon Dog Farm. My Executive Director, Jill Angelo, who has worked for years in animal shelters and shares my passion for helping animals, directs the farm and I myself go and work there with the animals. What Jill and I are hoping is this farm will become a model for all others who want to truly turn up at this time and start making oases of safety for our endangered relatives.

More about The Moon Dog Farm:

The Moon Dog Farm is a small animal foster organization providing limited housing foster care and treatment for homeless companion animals in need of extended health care; for example, those who suffer with mange, have had a recent amputation, are emaciated or have other special needs requirements. We also provide hospice for senior companion animals.

These special creatures will arrive at The Moon Dog Farm through relationships with local animal shelters and rescue groups. Once the animal is healed, it will be readied and made available for adoption through their respective organizations that are committed to finding loving and permanent homes.

We have chosen to name this project after St. Francis, the great patron saint of all animals, and in tribute to Pope Francis whose, fearless championship of the creation is moving people of all faiths. I am asking all of you to look deep into your hearts and extend dynamic compassion to all animals and to be as generous as possible in helping us support this project. (The Moon Dog Farm is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible)

There are two ways in which you can give – directly, to the PayPal account mentioned below, or through buying one of the products of mine that are already on my website. Every cent of your purchase will go to the project. Please share this email with your email lists.

With my love and deep gratitude,


More information on The Moon Dog Farm – www.TheMoonDogFarm.com