"God himself commands us never to forget Love….isn’t it shameful robbery when we deprive Love of anything, or keep anything back?

Think deeply on this: work, neglecting nothing, to promote Love above all things. Be leaders and protectors for others who have not attained this state, but are still in want through the grief of estrangement. With the vast fierceness of your unified burning life, they will be enkindled; with the flames of your blazing charity, they will be irradiated."

- Hadewijch of Antwerp



Love is Everything With Andrew Harvey

On-Demand Introduction to Hadewijch 
+ Previously Recorded Conversations/Q&A Session 
+ 30 Days of Poems


Hadewijch is a voice that calls us all now to live in Love, as Love, on fire in our whole being

Join Andrew Harvey as he shares the work of Hadewijch, a 13th-century Beguine and woman mystic who knew divine love with an intensity of passion, scalding honesty, fierce sorrow and infinite and expansive exultation.

You will find that she will give you great courage, wild hope, access to your deepest passion and a challenge to live in noble service, whatever the hell or heaven happens.

There is no other voice in world mysticism that I know of except perhaps Rumi’s that is as naked and necessary for us, I believe, than the voice of this woman that is returning to us after seven centuries of patriarchal oblivion.

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On-Demand Introduction to Hadewijch

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A Sample of 30 Days of Poems from Hadewijch

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What You Can Expect To Learn

  • A comprehensive tender, fierce and exalted vision of Divine Love

  • An initiation into Christ Consciousness from the unique perspective of a Christed woman

  • Passionate inspiration for Sacred Activism

  • A way of integrating our everyday lives with Divine peace and energy

  • An initiation into Hadewjich’s extraordinary experience of the transfiguration process


Meet Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is Founder and Director of The Institute for Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.

Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants.


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