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Meet Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is Founder and Director of The Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.

Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants.

“Nothing that happens on the surface of the sea can alter the calm of its depths.”

Andrew Harvey

Praise for The Hope

The Hope is destined to transform the live of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people not only because of its profound message but also because we need this work more than we realize.
Caroline Myss

Author of Sacred Contracts
& Defy Gravity

Every age has its teachers, who keep the eternal truths alive for all of us. In the case of Andrew Harvey, the light he sheds is like a meteor burst across the inner sky.

Marianne Williamson

Author of The Age of Miracles
& A Return to Love

As a fellow Sacred Activist, I support and applaud the dedication of Andrew Harvey to bridge the gap between spirituality and activism...THE HOPE is a must read for anyone seeking to birth a new humanity. Deepak Chopra

Author of Reinventing the Body & Resurrecting the Soul


10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a Sacred Activist

Excerpt from The Hope

Let me offer you ten things you can do right now, or within the next twenty-four hours, to start to align yourself with the power and hope of Sacred Activism. The first six will invite you into deep, nourishing, connection with your spirit; the last four will help you express the compassion and joy this connection awakens in you in action.

1. Write down now one thing that today has made you feel grateful to be alive.

2. Now write down, without thinking too much or editing yourself, just "off the top of your heart", ten things you would say are "sacred" to you. 

3. Think of someone who has hurt you or betrayed you and make a commitment to work on forgiving them. 

4. Read a short text from any of the world’s spiritual traditions that inspires you with the love-wisdom of those prophets and mystics that know God directly.

5. Pray a short prayer that aligns you with the "pure deep love" that is longing to use you as its instrument in the world. 

6. Make now a real commitment to spiritual practice.

7. Strengthened by prayer, practice and inspiration, turn now to your life and the people in it. 

8. Make a commitment to miss one meal in the coming twenty-four hours and send a check for the money you would have spent on it to a reputable organization dealing with world hunger.

9.  There are families in your immediate vicinity who are suffering. Make a commitment to find out who they are and what they might need and ring six of your friends to make a commitment with you to begin supplying them what they require. 

10. Make a commitment today, even if you are in financial difficulties, to tithe between five and ten percent of what you earn to a cause of your choice.

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The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

In The Hope, Andrew Harvey offers not only a guide to discovering your divine purpose but also the blueprint for a better world. It consists of the necessary elements that can inspire greatness in each of us.

Based on Harvey’s concepts of Sacred Activism, a global initiative designed to save the world from its downward spiral of greed, pain, and self-destruction, the book is an enlightening text that reflects our world today, while in turn, shapes our future.

Learn how to incorporate a spiritual practice into your life, transform anger into positive energy, and take part in a global community. 

While the future may appear bleak, The Hope provides practical advice to all those who want positive change.

WINNER of The 2011 Nautilus Silver Award for Social Change

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