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Would you like guidance on your personal spiritual journey?

We offer spiritual guidance & direction from Andrew Harvey

Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they learn to navigate their relationship to the divine and its challenges and mysterious rewards. It is also designed to help them flourish in their own unique personal spirituality.


Given the extent of the crisis of our time, nearly everyone is experiencing confusion, anxiety, depression, and grief over personal losses and have an overall sense of malaise. Andrew himself is no stranger to any of these and has been working to help people through his books, teachings and consultations find their own unique path to peace, empowerment, and joy.

Andrew welcomes all seekers on all paths including those who don’t espouse any particular path. His own mystical education has taken him deep into Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity Taoism, Islam, and the Indigenous Traditions. He has lifetime’s experience of mystical search, practical guidance, and grounded compassion, tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

He is known as an expert of the “Dark Night” process which so many are going through in our time and has himself, been through an 11-year analysis with a great Jungian analyst with specific emphasis on profound shadow work.

“For me, as a believer in the direct connection to the Divine, spiritual counseling helps people discover their inner truth and divine identity. I am not a guru. I share what I know as a fellow seeker and spiritual friend.”

** Please note: Consultations are not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please consult a licensed professional regarding these matters.


$250 for a 50-minute phone session. (Minimum of three/maximum of 15 sessions)

To schedule your time with Andrew, please follow these two steps:

  1. Email your consultation request to andrewharvey919@gmail.com

  2. Once you have confirmed your appointment, you can pay here:


In the event of a cancellation, we require 24 hours’ notice for a refund.

How do I prepare?

Become as clear as possible about what you are truly seeking.

Pray or meditate 10 minutes before the session begins so that your heart and mind can be as receptive as possible to your own deepest intuition and Andrew’s.