Sacred Leadership

International Academy of Sacred Leadership

One of the greatest problems in our world that is facing so extreme a crisis is a chronic lack of sacred leadership, leadership inspired by profound spiritual awareness. You can see this very clearly in the world wide political corruption, in the way in which corporate leaders continue to strip-mine the environment and in the way religious leaders with a few wonderful exceptions go on promoting exclusivism, violence and divisive dogma.

What is needed now, I believe, is for Sacred Activism to flourish on a global scale as a comprehensive- both exalted and practical training for the new kind of leadership that has to emerge in all the different realms of human society for the world to have a chance of getting through its greatest ordeal. This training is something that I myself have been meditating on for 15 years; as I have been trying to become in my own way a sacred leader, inviting others to the great adventure of Sacred Activism. In my book The Hope, I have made I hope, a rich beginning especially in the last section on the seven sacred laws. Yet, I have been aware for some time that a great deal more was also needed and that I need to work with someone who has developed their own model that is in deep resonance with what I know.

This is why I am so excited with working with Chris Saade. Chris was born in Lebanon and began a peace movement in his early teens. He has known the ravages of war and the horror of religious strife. For the last 30 years he has been working on creating what I consider, to be a unique and absolutely brilliant training model for leadership which he calls “Integra” – (you can read more about this model here). Chris taught at The Institute for Sacred Activism last year and amazed all of us by his clarity, passion and range. It is thrilling to me to contemplate fusing the vision of Sacred Activism with the model of Integra and that is why Chris and I had decided to create The International Academy of Sacred Leadership in Charlotte NC. Our dream for the academy is that it will provide a comprehensive spiritual and practical training for sacred leaders from all different aspects of society; from doctors to CEO’s to lawyers and business people.

I do urge you to watch the videos below, it would be wonderful if those of you who really want to take the leap into empowered leadership would join us and help us pioneer this essential adventure.