Sacred Activism Kashmir


I urgently request your generous help in a new project I am launching – Sacred Activism Kashmir.

While I was in Ladakh in September, I was aghast at the news of the terrible floods in nearby Kashmir, one of the worst natural disasters in recent years. Three weeks later I was sitting with dear Kashmir friends in South India who told me their house in Srinagar had been destroyed, along with thousands of others, and that their business and livelihood were threatened.

I was immediately moved to give everything I had earned on my Ladakh and Australia tours to them so that they could rebuild and save their business. Few things in my life have given me greater joy.

Inspired by this family and everything I learned from them about what had happened, I conceived the vision of raising $50,000 to help four other families rebuild from disaster, and to help rebuild a school for girls that had been destroyed. Each of the families and the school will receive $10,000 each, enough to rebuild again and start afresh. Sacred Activism Kashmir urgently needs your help. I have kept the project small and focused and personal so it can be accomplished quickly. I myself will go to Kashmir with the money on my own dime to make certain that every dollar you give reaches immediately those who so deeply need support. Over the last few weeks, I have put together a team of builders and masons in Kashmir who will do the necessary work of rebuilding as soon as the weather permits – and at reasonable prices.


There are two ways in which you can give – directly, to the PayPal account mentioned below, or through buying one of the products of mine that are already available here.

Every cent of your purchase will go to the project.

Please spread the word!  Let us show those who are suffering so deeply in Kashmir that we care. Please give as much as you can, knowing that dollars in India go a very long way, and that I guarantee personally that every cent you give will help rebuild shattered lives.

In Love and Hope,

Andrew Harvey

Thank you for your generous gift to Sacred Activism –Kashmir. This gift is not tax deductible.